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Acrylic Full Set $45
Full Set Pink & White $50
Full Set w/Gel Color $50
Fill Pink & White $40
Fill Get Color $40
Dip (Overlays) $40
Dip with Tips $45
Gel Manicure $35
Gel Polish Change for Hand $25
Gel Polish Change for Toes $30
Manicure $15
Add French $5
Soak Off $10
Nails Design (for 2 fingers) $10 & Up
Gel X Set $70
+ Chrome $10
Gel X $60 /$70 /$80


S&S Signature (Collagen & CBD) $75

VolcanoSpaR can improve skin's appearance. Our packets contain rich, effective formulas, including masks and lotion made with collagen to help revive and moisturize dry skin all day long. The added collagen may also improve the skin's elasticity.
VolcanoSpaR is a beautiful, high-quality brand that provides spa clients an unforgettable experience. This spa-a-box provides more products with better quality, including natural-based and rejuvenating collagen.
The fun "Volcano Eruption" releases luxury fragrance into the air, filling the room with a lovely aroma. Volcano Pedicures will dazzle clients and keep them coming back for more!
Havana Secrets CBD Pedicure: Wanna know the secrets to soft smooth skin? Havana Secrets will tell you everything you need to know with this luxurious coconut-scented pedi. Moisturizing and soaking your skin in CBD is a great way to keep your feet healthy and ache-free.
Hot Lava CBD Pedicure: Spice it up and give your skin a relaxing hot bath, 80 leaving your feet erupting with a luxurious volcano caldera perfume! Let the CBD soak into your skin and alleviate that pain in your ankles and feet.
Fuji Pearl CBD Pedicure: Want our feet to feel pearly smooth? Luxurious? Dip your feet into Fuji waters and enrich your skin in an amber-scented perfume. This new luxury pedi contain CBD to help rid those aches and pains.
Beach Paradise CBD Pedicure: Need to relax? Submerge your feet in a bath of scented paradise. Your skin will feel soft and smooth, infused with a touch of CBD to help your feet be healthy and ache-free.
Gold CBD Pedicure: Ready for your feet to feel like a million bucks? Try the CBD pedi that started it all. This rich scented bath is going to make your feet soft and smooth. CBD will help with aches and pains. You deserve this type of royalty!
Rose Gold CBD Pedicure: Shimmering Rose Gold sugar scrub enhances your skin's natural glow. Boosts skin with moisture and a luxurious rose perfume. Also contains CBD, which can relieve some of the aches and pains residing in your feet and ankles.
Spearmint CBD Pedicure: Miss that minty fresh feeling? Dip your feet into our CBD infused Spearmint scented spa. CBD has certain healing properties that will relax your joints and ankles, leaving them pain and ache free.
Lavender Green Tea

Polish change (Regular Polish) $10 $10
Cut & Gel Polish $30
Just Basic $35

Relax your senses while your feet soften in a whirlpool with foot bath of sea salt, enjoy green-tea-sugar scrub polishing the skin and stirring senses, and receive a hot towel wrap with green tea mask followed by foot and leg massage using our refreshing herbal therapy cream that leaves your feet and legs invigorated.
Add on gel (Shellac): $15

S&S Pedicure $55
With six scents to choose from our S&S pedicure, you will get all benefits of the spa. Pedicure includes the heel treatment (as needed) and the hot stone massage that will soothe and relax tired feet and legs. The essence of the hot stones' warmth and healing energy will put bounce back into your steps. Stress, tension, and soreness will flow out of your feet, which makes you feel completely rejuvenated.
Add on gel (Shellac): $15
Ocean breath
Vitamin C
More Than Basic $45
Start soaking your feet and relaxing with sea salt and sliced orange; enjoy the orange scrub with the heel treatment (as needed); apply the paraffin wax to make your feet and heel soften. While the leg massage relieves stress, a hot towel wrapped with a mask at the end will leave you feeling like new and fresh.
Add on gel (Shellac): $15
Luxury Pedicure $65
Pick the scent for your luxury pedicure with the add-on of the collagen serum.
Enjoy the spa water with Detox Volcano Crystal and warm water soaking for 3-5 minutes with the add-on of Detox Volcano Activator. As it detoxifies, your feet are moisturized and softened.
Apply Exfoliating Sugar Scrub and massage to the skin for a more vibrant appearance. Rinse and dry with towels.
Apply Collagen Cream Mask evenly and allow it to dry for 2-3 minutes. Wipe off with a warm, damp towel.
Apply Collagen Massage Lotion and massage to the skin for a silky, soft finish.
Add on gel (Shellac): $15
Tropical Citrus
Honey Pearl
Orange No. 5
Green Tea + Aloe Vera
Lavender Eruption


Eyebrows $12
Lip $6
Chin $8
Full Face $35


Collagen hand glove $10
Slipper $3.99
product $10